Film Festivals

Many people have asked me what’s happening with the Sonic Divide film.  We’ve had three wonderful pre-screenings in New York City, William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey, and Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.  Next week we have a pre-screening in Boulder, Colorado.  These pre-screenings gave me a chance to see how the film looks on the big screen.  They’ve also given me a chance to see how the audience reacts.  So far everyone loves it and they’re all laughing in the right places, so it’s working beautifully.

While these are going on I’m also busy submitting the film to film festivals.  So far I’ve submitted it to 12 festivals, including ones in New Jersey, Arkansas, New York, Minnesota, Vermont, Montreal, and even India.  My criteria for selecting a festival has been one that I have a chance of getting in (i.e., not Sundance . . . ), and is close enough to drive or I have family or friends there.

So, wish me luck.  If you know of a festival that you think would be a good match please let me know.

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