Sonic Divide Composers

The composers who contributed to the Sonic Divide are some of the most original and creative musicians in the world.  Click on their names to go to their websites. I’ve made a note as to whether their piece is percussion or percussion + voice or just voice. The ones with an asterisk are spoken voice (or Indian rhythmic syllables)
Bartlett, Nathaniel  (percussion)
Beglarian, Eve (percussion + voice)
Cooper, Dan (percussion)
Esmail, Reena (voice)
Evans, Nat (percussion + voice)
Funk, Eric (percussion + voice)
Gordon, Michael (percussion)
Grey, Melissa (percussion + voice)
Harrison, Michael (voice)
Hasenpflug, Thom (percussion + voice)
Ho Bynum, Taylor (percussion + voice) 
Jarvis, Peter (percussion)
Kitzke, Jerome (percussion + voice)
Link, John (percussion + voice)*
Martin, Billy (percussion)
Mittal, Aakash (voice)
Paranosic, Milica (voice)
Robert Morris (voice)
Pritsker, Gene (percussion + voice)
Rush, Stephen (percussion + voice)
Travis Salim (percussion + voice)
Sharp, Elliott (voice)
Srinivasan, Asha (voice)
Smith, Stuart Saunders (voice)
Swaminathan, Rajna (percussion)
Tyson, Blake (percussion + spoken voice)*
Udow, Michael (open instrumentation)
Velez, Glen (percussion + voice)*
Vishio, Anton (percussion + voice)
Weisberg, David (percussion + voice)

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