Sonic Divide Composers

The composers who contributed to the Sonic Divide are some of the most original and creative musicians in the world.  Click on their names to go to their websites.
Bartlett, Nathaniel
Beglarian, Eve
Cooper, Dan
Esmail, Reena
Evans, Nat
Funk, Eric
Gordon, Michael
Grey, Melissa
Harrison, Michael
Hasenpflug, Thom
Ho Bynum, Taylor
Jarvis, Peter
Kitzke, Jerome
Link, John
Martin, Billy
Mittal, Aakash
Paranosic, Milica
Robert Morris
Pritsker, Gene
Rush, Stephen
Travis Salim
Sharp, Elliott
Srinivasan, Asha
Smith, Stuart Saunders
Swaminathan, Rajna
Tyson, Blake
Udow, Michael
Velez, Glen
Vishio, Anton
Weisberg, David

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