Best Documentary at HUFF

Sonic Divide won best documentary at the Helper Utah Film Festival.

HUFF laurel


Recording is underway . . .

For the next few weeks I’ll be recording all 30 of the Sonic Divide pieces.  It is such a joy to work on these pieces some more!  Today I recorded pieces by Peter Jarvis, Blake Tyson, Aakash Mittal, and Bob Morris.


That photo is the instrument I built for Peter’s piece.  Those logs had a lovely sound!

And this photo is the instrument I made for Blake Tyson’s piece.  Only in New Jersey would I come across a brake drum and some broken pipes in the middle of the woods . . . IMG_20170829_112519142.jpg

Film is rolling along . . .

It’s interesting being in the final phase of the Sonic Divide project.  I’ve now watched the film 5 times on the big screen.  Each time I think of things I could have done better from a film perspective, but I also see many things I’m proud of.  I’m curious to see whether it will be accepted to any film festivals.  Fingers crossed.  So far the response from people at the pre-screenings has been very, very strong.  That makes me happy.  Even if the project has flaws, at least people are experiencing something meaningful on an emotional level.