Patriot’s Path Training

I’ve been doing some training on the Patriot’s Path, which is close to my home in NJ.  This is a route that the rebels used to move through this area when they were fighting the British.  Now it is a mix of very rooty, rough single track (full of brambles), smooth dirt double track, and paved suburban neighborhoods.


You can see the Patriot’s Path sign behind me.  There is also some very sandy, very Divide-like riding in there.  Check out that back tire (it’s under all that sand ha ha!).

After a few hours of all that I was hungry.  Here’s a nice 1,000 calorie breakfast:

That’s a large yam shredded and cooked with a little olive oil, three eggs (Cage free of course!), an English muffin, an espresso, and a glass of water.  Ahhhh!

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