It needs a name . . .

I need your help naming something, Dear Reader.  But first, let me introduce you to that something.  Welcome to 21st Century adventure film making.  This is the gear I will take with me on the Sonic Divide:


So that’s a GoPro Hero4, a GoPro Session, and a Zoom H1 audio recorder.  I made the case myself out of an old Tupperware and some foam that was lying around the house.  I will also use my phone to take some pictures and a little video now and then.  It comes in under a pound and isn’t too big:  (Dollar bill is for size comparison.)


The package needs a name, though.  Something zany, something memorable, something that captures the spirit of the Sonic Divide.  When I refer to it I don’t want to call it “the camera box” or “that Tupperware with the gear in it.”  I think we can collectively come up with something better than that.  Any ideas?  Send them to me, Dear Reader!

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