More incredible pieces!

This has been an amazing week.  I had a very productive meeting with Dave Philp’s Music and Entertainment class at William Paterson University.  They are helping me with the PR and Marketing of Sonic Divide.  What a bright and enthusiastic group of young people.  I just love being a part of the WP music department.

Then, I received an incredible piece in my inbox from Taylor Ho Bynum.  I will do a feature on his music in a few weeks, but his Cross Breath is stunning.  So simple, yet so complex, and in every way perfect for Sonic Divide.

Then just today I spent the afternoon with Jerome Kitzke.  Here is a sample of his piece:

IMG_5000 (4)

Again, I will go into much more depth about his work in subsequent blogs.  But wow oh wow is that an amazing piece that includes a lovely dance element and a spacial realization.  And he did the entire score by hand!  Amazing!

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