New Sponsor

I’m pleased to announce that Sterling Health and Fitness has joined the Sonic Divide team and is one of our sponsors.  Karl Sterling is the man behind the company and he is an amazing guy.  I first met Karl several years ago when he reached out to me.  He had seen some of my blog posts about my endurance sports adventures and how I was beginning to combine that with experimental music.

Before changing his career over to that of a personal trainer and fitness and nutrition expert, Karl spent many years touring and recording as a full-time professional drummer, so we have much in common as percussionists and athletes.  Karl is a sensitive, intelligent, and honest person and I’m stoked that he’ll be helping me build some muscle and keep my body balanced before I ride the Divide.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer you should definitely reach out to Karl.  He’s very good and there’s a wealth of information on his website:  Welcome aboard, Karl!

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