Nathaniel Bartlett’s Cronometro

And yet another ground-breaking piece landed in my inbox a few days ago.  Nathaniel Bartlett is an amazing composer, marimba virtuoso, and one of the best digital musicians I know of.  Nate’s knowledge of computers and music technology is far, far beyond most mortals.  His new piece is titled “Cronometro” and includes an innovative video score that I can play on my phone, which is quite handy for the Sonic Divide.  You can see the entire score here:

The use of technology in this way is really exciting.  Even though I’ll be pedaling up and down the mountains on my own power, the Sonic Divide is definitely a high-tech adventure what with a carbon bike, GPS, smart phone, dynamo hub, etc, etc.  Nate’s creative use of technology is a perfect compliment to this project.

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